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Regrets, dear reader, but we all make mistakes. Especially with DNS.


Hex the Moon

Regrets, dear reader, the moon and I are at it again.

Missing Details

I've been working with the details element a lot lately. It's really handy for being able to show or hide information without JavaScript and its accessible? Sign me up.


Joshua Tree 2021

If you get through my lamentation over black holes, there's some pretty pictures.


Media attributes and you(r network requests)

Who doesn't love falling down rabbit hole while checking their assumptions about CSS and network requests? Add in some research, and you've got yourself a blog post goin'.

A Year's Worth of Movies

I watch a lot of movies. This year, I decided to track just how many. And as a special bonus, I have opinions about my favorites. You're welcome.


Eleventy and Craft

I love Eleventy, and I love it even more when I can split code from content.